3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites
3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites

What matters: Colour, fonts, surfaces, explications

Making CAD models printable (“watertight”) still remains labour intensive, but is increasingly supported by international´s printshop tools and free software. My experience: Minimum thickness approx. 2 mm, minimum details 1 mm; the same is true for font sizes. You get about 100 distinguishable colors, if you choose workhorses such as the ZCorp 3D printers. They use a fine powdered material that resembles sandstone with a gritty surface. Have it matte varnished when ordering a MeliesArt model at one of the named Shops (see Chapter “Ordering”). In contrast, a paper- fed printer ( McCor Iris) offers more colours/ improved textures, but models up until now came with visible surface impurities and some bulges on the edges (maybe due to the bonding process).

It remains to be seen if the new McCor desktop printer Mcor ARKewill improve matters. Printing with 600 dpi has not yet been seen in action. Prices for the models shown on my sites vary between 20- 220 €, mainly depending on the volume printed.Therefore hollowing out the structures normally is a must. Scupteo´s printshop supports this step.