The digital age has major impacts on society. I present some of them with art sculptures and show how data sculptures can enrich visualization and decisions.
The digital age has major impacts on society. I present some of them with art sculptures and show howdata sculptures can enrich visualization and decisions.

Issues that have been covered



With its dataSculptures MeliesArt tentatively covered many areas of interest, thereby bearing in mind that only strategic and contiguous data offer substantial benefits for having them 3D printed.

Among them are population growth and population pyramids, interregional trade flows, corruption level by countries, sanitation levels and per capita income by countries, real estate rent levels by city districts, investment conditions (“Doing business“)with their ratings by countries and over time, comparison of countries by size of provinces/ per capita income/ areas, „Forbes 200“ companies by market value, turnover and region, European Union States by inhabitants and per capita income, populations 1950/2000/ 2050 by continents etc.

Because of the continuing high prices of 3D printing models, MeliesArt has just launched series of low-cost models. They have diameters of 2-4 cm, do not cost a great at the printing hosues ( see Sculpteo website gallery looking for „MeliesArt“ ) and also visualize topics of common interest- such as population pyramids.

MeliesArt´s range of dataSculptures