Feel your data: MeliesArt makes 3D- printed DataSculptures- which also become actors in Virtual Reality environments
Feel your data: MeliesArt makes 3D- printed DataSculptures- which also become actors in Virtual Reality environments

3D printed dataSculptures by MeliesArt offer material  data at your fingertips   

LEFT: Intra- and interregional merchandise trade flows RIGHT: Leading companies with key data by continents
MeliesArt`s main focus is physical data visualization. Until now 3D printing focuses mainly on printing products: Technical items, components for dentistry, figurines, Ipod cases, butterfly earrings, etc. But 3D printing offers an intriguing way to communicate strategic data by printing physical “decision support landscapes”. MeliesArt´s "statistics at your fingertips" give renewed life to data. Models such as these do not use volatile data, but strategic data of studies published by international organizations, companies and business journals. In a nutshell: Data that is worth being remembered and circulated. In the near future suitable 3D printed dataSculptures may populate board meetings, consultancy firms, editorial rooms and become capable of interacting with the user.