3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites
3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio shows off a data model printed in his office

The World Economic Forum reported it: President Maada Bio of Sierra Leone personally shows on YouTube what he created in his office with a 3D printer: A data sculpture on the situation of out-of-school girls in the country (#https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOYbVCGwWks&feature=youtu.be) - and talks about the important role of such technologies in the development of the country.  Such sculptures can also play a role in the benchmarking of African countries (see a MeliesArt data sculpture below). Sarah Goehrke from Fabbaloo highlights the most important point "Bringing the 3D-printed models right into policy meetings with both domestic and international government members shows a move into the 21st century on a continent where we hear relatively little about practical uses of 3D printing