MeliesArt presents innovative forms of data visualization "leaving Screenland" , among them 3D printing
 MeliesArt presents innovative forms of data visualization "leaving Screenland" , among them 3D printing 

When sandbox and active surfaces meet

As mentioned under “benefits“ designers can easily split off animation sequences (see buttons below animation). In the near future there will be interfaces to blend strategic data and dataSculptures into augmented/ virtual reality (AR/VR) environments. Development will be driven by the defense and automotive industry: The German VDI bets on augmented reality due to its better integration into processes. With bigger 3D printers and falling production costs - triggered by demand of the building industry- the (formerly militäry) sandbox may return as a stimulation tool(see illustration above), even to populate headquarters and events to be accompanied by AR/VR devices.

MeliesArt presently turns to morphing the “skins“ of dataSculptures into surfaces that can be queried by data pens and flexible OLED panels, based on a recent patent  of Volker Schweisfurth. This will facilitate “opening the content space“ of all the results that are hidden behind such models.