3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites
3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites

Improving our spatial reasoning

This dataSculpture compares spaces- of areas and populations of three economic powerhouses. It helps to developing a nuanced, tactile feel for the challenge of governing such spaces:”Holdind the problem in my hand”- to cite Ed Smith as a pediatric neurosurgeon at Boston´s Children´s Hospital also working with 3D printed models”You see these spatial relations and depth of field that arend´t possible onscreen.” And- as Clive Thompson as journalist adds- “Right now, we don´t value or teach spatial reasoning enough; literacy generally only means writing and reading”. (Source: http://www.wired.com/2015/11/3D-printing-and-medicine/). Get an idea on these spatial relations by looking at the animated video below: