3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites
3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites

Consider Gartner´s hype cycle

Source of chart is the Gartner website cited below

Trends and expectations may be discussed along the useful “Gartner Curve” which presents expectations vs. time blocks (Innovation/Trigger > Peak of Inflated Expectations > Trough of Disillusionment > Slope of Enlightment > Plateau of Productivity. It is recommended to use this approach; see



Many areas such as retail 3D printing, its supply chain role, classroom and Macro 3D printing just face growing expectations or are still in their infancy/ innovation phase. This is also true for 3D printed data physicalization. In contrast, 3D print creation software, service bureaus and enterprise 3D printing seem to be on the slope of enlightenment or even the Plateau of Productivity.Crucial issues that have to be solved quickly are Intellectual Property Protection in this field and interface 3D printing/AR resp. VR. Regularly, new materials and rollout of printers are announced: the Mcor ARKe (world’s first full-colour desktop 3D printer),the HP´s Multi Jet Fusion with two thermal inkjet arrays with various functions. Even with new printers designers and engineers can create 3D printed products in which the circuit board is already integrated into the enclosure. All these new machines will brighten the future of dataSculptures.