3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites
3D Datasculptures extend the range of visualization opportunites

Investment conditions materialized


Nine small tangible models (called DaTacos) which MATERIALIZE the “Doing Business ranking” history of Singapore, USA, Germany, Switzerland, China, Iran, India, Russian Federation and CH´had over time (2007-2016). The flat  model of Singapore (which means "easy doing business") contrasts sharply with those towering models of China, Iran, India- which have been difficult locations for investors over the last ten years.


The data of The Worldbank Group´s stunning "Doing Business Project" -aiming at delivering a body of knowledge to the public- have been utilized by MeliesArt to deliver tangible and comparable data at your fingertips and to better digest the stories behind the data.(http://www.doingbusiness.org/rankings)


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